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Things to do with cotton balls?

My mom just bought a book called Fun on the Run. It's all things to do with kids while you're out running errands, sitting at a restaurant, etc. An activity that caught my eye was from the doctor's office section. The heading was "5 things to do with cotton balls and a wristwatch." Intriguing. Now I know that this is meant to be for kids, but who says that an adult can't have a little fun too?

My favorite idea for cotton ball usage was a little game. You line up some cotton balls on the floor, with enough room to walk between each. Then you tuck a long piece of toilet paper in the back of your pants. Weave in and out between the cotton balls, making sure that the toilet paper avoids the cotton balls.

Doesn't that sound like fun? Doesn't it sound like it would be even more fun if you were doing this at the doctor's office while waiting? And wouldn't it be the most fun of all if the doctor walked in while you were playing this game? You know you'll try it.


  1. I have some problems with cotton balls, all the time that I want to use something is fill it with this annoying fluff, in a occassion I went to the work with my shirt fill with this, that was embarasing.

  2. Anonymous6:40 PM

    stuff your cheeks with them and it makes your mouth all dry but it's fun when your bored


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