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Photo Friday results?

After an overwhelming number of requests we have a unanimous vote for what you, my loyal readers, want to see a picture of! What you see here is my pile of stuff that I am reading! Okay, so actually, I'm not too organized, and the things that I am currently reading are a bit scattered. But this is the stuff that stays nearby. And I don't just have current books, but projects as well.

Clockwise from the upper left: You can only see the edge, but that's Craig Thompson's "Goodbye Chunky Rice" on top of the lampshades, along with some random papers for making books of craft paper. Ikea lampshades that are just dying to be added to some old lamps I inherited (one of which you see here). Jim Krause's index books, that are always near me. Candles that smell all yummy...very inspiring. A comic wallet. Wire for, I don't know, but I might need it. Drawer peeking open, as usual (crammed with too many odds and ends). Bottles of water that I keep close for when I need to paint. Current knitting project: blanket for my brother, Sweet Baby James. Graphic Design magazines. Lotion...very important. Stack of books, most of which I have read less than half of. Various Bibles. Cinnamon Gum.

This doesn't include the new books that I have that are waiting to be read. They have been properly poked into spaces on my bookshelf. Perhaps next Friday you'll see that. (If you're interested...) Posted by Hello

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  1. Anonymous2:43 PM

    That's great! I'm so glad the vote came in for that particular photo. It was exactly what I wanted to see, and actually, pretty much what I visualized. I would take one of my growing stack of books and stuff, but the fluorescent orange caution tape surrounding the site makes it difficult to get a good picture.


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