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The hap- happiest season of all?

Halloween is nearly here!

Last night we made some sugar cookies and some pumpkin cookies, both from recipes that use cake mixes. They are VERY good! We also made cupcakes with candy corn on top. The whole process was quite fun...especially having kids helping!

I still have a few things to work out for my costume on Sunday. It's always interesting when halloween lands on a Sunday. This year, I've decided to wear my costume to church. I'll be dressing as "Cloudy, with a Chance of Showers." This means fairly normal clothes, but with clouds tacked on. And the best part? When folks ask me what I am... I tell them, and spray them! Okay, so it's a little mean, but I've been waiting for months for this!

And finally, last night I was reminded of reason #53 that halloween is the happiest season of all: Candy Corn Fangs!


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