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Act of God?

As mentioned, I'm away right now. A business trip to Florida...and it's quite a change in weather from Chicago! Since I've been here, I've seen the newly set up print shop, visited with the folks doing our digital printing and seen a demo of the HP Indigo.

Yesterday I took a short tour of a fellow employee's property, post hurricanes. It was remarkable. A very large tree had fallen through a shed. The walls were still pretty much there; the tree was just in the middle of them. There were many other trees down, and things looked pretty rough. While looking around I started thinking about God. A hurricane is referred to as an act of God. That made such sense when I saw the trees. It was like a way for God to help us clear things and start fresh. Sure there is a lot of hard work involved, but perhaps we needed that little "push."

As all of this was sinking in, a butterfly showed up. Amongst all of the giant trees and limbs, all of the damage and devastation, here was life. Beautiful, fresh new life. Such a contrast. God was there. I can hardly put it into words. You should have been there.

Okay, now enough with the being reflective. I'll go back to discussing the important stuff, like cartoons.


  1. Hey! You put a link to the wrong press. We have the s2000, not the ws2000! By the way, sorry the Demo wasn't more impressive.

  2. My deepest apologies for the bad link. It has been corrected. Thank you. And no worries about the demo. It was good to chat with you, and I can come for a demo (and perhaps another chat) another time...

  3. That would be great. Also I must say that meeting you was the highlight of the week!

  4. That would be great. Also I must say that meeting you was the highlight of the week!


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