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She's a duck hunter?

Remember the game Duck Hunt from the original Nintendo Entertainment System? I used to go to my cousin's house to play it. It was so amazing that you could point the gun and it knew whether or not you had hit the right spot. And there was something so fun about blasting those little ducks. The only downside was that the annoying little dog would laugh at you when you missed.

It's been years since I played, but now it's available to play online! And to make the game even better, they've added a feature so that you can shoot that cruel dog! I pulled up the game to show off my skills to my sister, but alas, I've lost my touch. Instead, she gave it a try and whooped my butt! And out of some strange coincidence, the song Maneater played on the radio. It works out quite well to change the lyrics to "She's a duck hunter." My sister was irritated by this, but I figure I have a right to make fun...she had beaten me at my own game!

If you're a child of the 80s, you'll want to be sure to check out the other great 80s games available. (via Robot Johnny)


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