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pattern // peach jam cross stitch chart

August Jam of the Month Cross Stitch

Special delivery for all my Jam of the Month Club cross stitchers! This month you get your free cross stitch chart before the embroidery pattern comes out. Just because.

I'm absolutely crazy about this peach jam and the colors in it. If you're stitching these as individual designs or the ever-filling shelves, I think you'll love this bright and cheery jar too.

August Jam of the Month Cross Stitch

Cross stitch has been creeping into my design work more and more and I'm not mad about it. The only thing is just that I'm really slow about the actual stitching. It's why I'm thrilled that Cross Stitch Crazy has speedy stitchers to help with that part. You can see their amazing work in these two recent patterns I made for issues 258 and 259.

Designs for Cross Stitch Crazy Magazine
Designs for Cross Stitch Crazy Magazine

Meanwhile, I'm working on another Halloween chart that I'm stitching myself to share elsewhere and this is as far as I've gotten in three evenings:

Halloween Stitching

I think I had better get busy if I want to finish in time! How about you? Are you a fast or slow stitcher? And if you're speedy, what's your secret?

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  1. These are so cute! Embroidery is something that I haven't tried, but I definitely want that to change! It looks so fun!



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