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pattern // strawberry rhubarb cross stitch chart

Cross Stitch Supplies

Who has their cross stitch supplies ready? I hope you do, because I have a Strawberry Rhubarb Jam cross stitch chart for you! And just like all the Jam of the Month patterns, this is a free cross stitch pattern/stitching club. Will it always be free? I'm not sure. But it is right now.

When I'm making embroidery patterns, I love adding some fun angles in the design. If you know anything about cross stitch, and if you're excited about this pattern, you probably do, then you know that slight angles don't always work so well on a grid. At least on a small grid!

This was definitely one of those designs where, because of the size, I needed to make the fruit a little less jaunty than on the embroidery version. It may not be something you ever think about, but I find these kinds of things interesting. It makes it fun to see how I can take my designs in different directions, even when they are mostly the same!

Strawberry Rhubarb Jam Cross Stitch Pattern

If you're just finding my Jam of the Month patterns for the first time, well...welcome! And thanks! Each month this year I'm releasing a free cross stitch design for a jar of jam, marmalade, etc. They come as individual charts, but you can also make them into a large shelf filled with the jars. You can grab both versions above.

And whether you're new or have been stitching along the whole time, you know I want to see your stitches. Tag me on Instagram (I'm @molliejohanson) or use the hashtag #wildolivestitchingclub.

Oh, and if you want to support my work, I'd love it if you tell your friends about my patterns, share my posts on social media, or buy me a coffee via the link in my sidebar (because I pretty much run on coffee and Jesus!).


  1. It's so sweet Mollie, thanks so much for sharing 😊 I love the colours too!


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