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calendar // a noble peridot for august

Hello, August! I've got a pretty new peridot birthstone calendar wallpaper for you!

July felt like the shortest and longest month. Shortest because I think it flew by. But longest because I squeezed in so much during the month. And now we're here in August and I'm just not sure how it happened.

Regardless, I'm charging full speed ahead. August is my sister's birthday month, and I'm pretty sure she wasn't a fan of her birthstone growing up. Now she has a better appreciation for this bright and bold green. As do I!

The cut this month is a marquise cut, and so I'm calling this a noble peridot. Grab the calendars for your computer, tablet, and phone!

I'm kinda loving the look of this gem, and I might need to hurry and make a bonus project with this one. Perhaps as a gift for my sister?

Oh, and happy birthday to all the August babies!

1 comment:

  1. July was the same way for us! And August is my mother-in-law's birth month, and she has also learned to embrace that bright green :-)


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