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pink stork scissors for snipping threads and stowing needles

Pink Stork Scissors and Needle Minder

Do you love embroidery scissors as much as I do? I have an ever-growing collection of them, many of which are vintage, and my latest addition is both a usable pair of pink storks as well as my own homage to stork scissors!

The tiny enamel stork scissors are my own design, created for Cloud Craft, an online stitching shop based in the UK. When Nicole asked me to create an enamel design, I was excited, and when she suggested stork scissors I knew that it would be a fun project. And they're even more fun to admire when you're stitching!

Pink Stork Scissors Needle Minder

The needle minder
is hard enamel and comes with a large magnet that goes on the back of the hooped fabric. I often think of these as needing to have a magnet attached to the back, PLUS a separate magnet, but the stork itself is magnetic.

Pink Stork Scissors Needle Minder
Pink Stork Scissors Needle Minder

And here's how it looks when it's in use! Yay for a needle that's not lost!

Pink Stork Scissors

When I designed the needle minder, the idea was that the pink represented pink gold, which is a little fancier than standard gold stork scissors. But then, Nicole did something magical. She had pink stork scissors made to match the needle minder!

I was so smitten, and they've become my favorite embroidery scissors. I mean, aren't they cute?

Pink Stork Scissors Needle Minder

Speaking of cute, let's just look at this needle minder once more. I always try to make things cute, but the size of this really locks in the cuteness.

Oh, and if you're really a fan of embroidery scissors, this same enamel design is also available as a necklace! And maybe, just maybe, you might see another needle minder design coming along in the future. Just sayin...


  1. I often stick tiny scissors to my needleminder too - so I know where they are when I need them. So you'd have stork scissors holding stork scissors!


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