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printable // watercolor faith reminders

Printable Watercolor Reminders

I am a maker of lists. I live by them. And when I don't write down my lists, I try to keep them running in my head and risk the impending feeling of "oh my goodness what all am I supposed to do?". And why do I rely on lists? Because I'm forgetful. I need reminding.

In the same way, I doodle and draw patterns and printables with Scripture, song lyrics, and faith phrases. I stick them in places I'll see daily. I share them with others who do the same. Why? Because we're forgetful. We need reminding.

Occasionally I make these little printable reminders for the group of girls I lead at church. And when I showed them on Instagram, a few folks said they'd be interested in printing some for themselves or for groups they know. Because we're forgetful. We need reminding.

Some of these phrases have been patterns already (find them under the "faith" tag at the bottom of this post), and others are taken directly from the Bible.

My favorite, at Easter time and really, any time (because it's the rest of the time when I need the most reminding) is this one: All is well. Christ is risen. You can read more about it in a post from a while back, when I also made a bracelet to hold onto this reminder.

Friends, we're forgetful. But these things are worth remembering. Even if that means plastering reminders all over the place. We need this kind of reminding.


  1. These are beautiful!! Thank you!

    xo, B

  2. I'm a list maker, too! And reminding ourselves of what God's Word says is always a good thing :-)

  3. Thank you they are beautiful.


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