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in print // handmade from the heart

Handmade from the Heart

In May of 2015, I stood on my front porch to send a thank you to all of those who made a purchase from my shop or blog during a very special fundraising campaign. The effort collected $3600 for World Vision's Caregiver Kits, and I still get emotional thinking about it.

Soon after, I received an email from someone at World Vision, asking if they could talk with me about the project. And now, just over a year later, they published an article in their magazine about it. (I might have put some makeup on if I had known the pic would be published and sent to 500,000 people!)

You guys. I don't know what to say.

Another thank you is in order. And also, I have to say that God does amazing things when you say yes to Him. Even in this broken world, He brings healing through us.

My part in this was so small and it was so easy. If you have a shop, consider how a month or even just a week of profits could help change the world. I know that I'm already thinking about the next time I'll be doing this. Because our hurting world needs a bit more love and generosity.


  1. what a great thing to do...

  2. Mollie, what you did and inspired others to do here is far more beautiful than any make up.


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