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pattern // you were made for this

You Were Made For This // embroidery pattern

For about a year and a half, although maybe longer, I've had something on my heart and mind. It keeps coming up, and those are the things you're really supposed to make and do, right?

It's been taped to the front of my computer, sketched in a journal, and the words just seem to show up in my life: You were made for this.

The first time this idea really stuck with me came with a little lesson on the Puritans. I learned that they had three ideas about God's calling on our lives.

1) Our highest calling is to have a relationship with Jesus.
2) All Christians have common callings that we're all meant to do (love others, show mercy, help the poor, etc.).
3) Each person has a specific calling to do something unique.

That last one is what this pattern is about. You and I are different, and we may have similar or very different things that we're supposed to do with our lives. We might do things that are flashy or mundane, but if they are serving some good purpose, then good. Do the thing you were made for.

I honestly could write on and on about this topic because it's been so clear and important to me lately, but I'll leave you with this:

No matter what your life is all about, there are times when it is hard. (I love my work so much, but it's still a struggle.) Look for why it is important, hold onto that, and keep on. Because you were made for this.

Related to this pattern and idea is one that I made last year. Check out There is a Design.

And if you don't know what your calling is and are looking for help in figuring that out, let me know and I'll help connect you with some resources!


  1. Your timing couldn't be more perfect. I had a major toddler tantrum yesterday and ended up having to rip quite a large portion of a quilt apart. By the evening I had calmed down and re-pinned the quilt and hope to get it finished today. But man alive, did I question what I was doing with all this sewing stuff. It's hard. Really hard sometimes, but I do feel like I was made for something and am curious about sewing, so want to see what I can do with it. You are always such an inspiration and I really appreciate this post and pattern. I'll put it on my machine so that whenever I work I remember!

  2. I love this Mollie! Such a wonderful reminder. :-)

  3. Anonymous10:15 AM

    Thank you!!!!

  4. All I ever wanted when growing up was to be a Mommy. Done. Now I am ready to be a Grammy. In the meantime I have spun my wheels at all sorts of jobs/career choices. But I have never been ambitious. I lack motivation to be more. Some days I am fine with that. Being a housewife is fine. Others days I wonder "Is this all I am supposed to be doing?"

    1. Nurturing others through the role of Mommy and/or Grammy is SO valuable! You are giving your all and pouring into people around you and enriching their lives - keep up the good work :-)

      Mollie, this is a sweet reminder for all of us, and I would love to hear more about your story!


  5. Perfect logic! Have you read Naomi Wolfe's the treehouse? She addresses your third point too

  6. Anonymous4:52 PM

    That is so beautiful Mollie, thank you for sharing your thoughts and this pattern. Cassandra x

  7. Merci beaucoup. Thank you for this pattern :-)


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