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eight days a week epp block // pulling fabric

Fabric Pull for My Next EPP Project

In a month of octagons, I decided that I could not resist making a true EPP project with this shape. I needed to start another project. Right? But for some reason, I had a hard time finding a design that I liked. Surely there are more options than what I found?

Not wanting to waste any more time, I drew up a pattern of my own.

But let's go back. Do I need another project? Do I have time for another project? Not unless I suddenly find that there are now eight days in a week. Which is what I'm calling my new block: Eight Days a Week. I'm sharing it bit by bit this week, working in near real-time.

Today you get to see the fabric I've pulled.

My goal is to make a pillow with the finished panel, and I want to keep it for myself. So I selected colors and fabrics that I'm excited about. Originally I thought I'd go with something more rainbow in nature, but as I looked at my fabrics, I knew I needed to go another way.

Since the design (which you'll see tomorrow!) features octagons, I needed colors or patterns that would be in multiples of twos, fours, and/or eights. I selected four main colors: red, navy, pink, and blue. Then I added in a floral that coordinates and some low-volume prints that also coordinate.

Fabric Pull

Since I have more reds than others right now, I'm not sure if I'll use them all. Once I start actually cutting and assembling, I might adjust this some, or even add in some others (any excuse to go fabric shopping?).

Eight or nine of these prints are Cotton + Steel, which really helps hold it all together, I think. Then there are a couple from other designers and some JoAnn fabrics from my stash.

Pulling fabric absolutely brings me joy. Which sometimes gets me into trouble because I start grabbing fabrics for projects that I'm not really ready to start yet, and then I just little stacks of fabric everywhere. But I think I might just need to share them here on occasion.

For now, I'm going to start cutting out my Eight Days a Week pieces so I can show you the next step tomorrow!


  1. Delightful fabric pull! I LOVE the fabric with the beige background and little florals. So cute!

  2. Love the fabric colors.

  3. Beautiful fabric, can't wait to see the finished pillow!

  4. I love all the fabrics you've chosen, I look forward to seeing the pillow you make with them!

  5. The fabrics you pulled are so pretty, and I'm really looking forward to seeing your project! The turquoise with the white roses is particularly lovely and the multi-colour floral pulls everything together. I've been wanting to try EPP forever, but didn't want to jump into anything too large. A cushion sounds like a nice beginner project :)

  6. Oh my goodness! The colors of these fabrics are amazing, plus I really love all of your projects! Just recently found your blog :)


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