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A Stitching Day

I had a post planned for today, and never got around to actually posting it. Because I spent the morning with friends and the afternoon with my little sister. And even though I feel bad about less frequent blog posts, I know that spending time with friends and family are more important.

Especially when your 10-year-old sister says she wants to sew some things to sell. Then you encourage and help her.

My next blog post will come when it comes. (Hopefully tomorrow!)


  1. Don't be so scheduled about the blog.
    It doesn't matter if we can read your post today or tomorrow or when ever. The people who want to read your texts will visit you at any time.
    Life comes first : )
    What have you been sewing with your sister?
    Have a nice week! Angela

  2. My husband and I live overseas and I have to go to the US for a few months for medical. My niece is so excited because I've promised to teach her to sew while I'm in. Passing on the making bug is definitely a worthy endeavor!

  3. Yay! Enjoy your time with your friends and your little sister. We'll still be here when you have some free time.

  4. Yay! Enjoy your time with your friends and your little sister. We'll still be here when you have some free time.

  5. Never feel bad about the blog taking second place to family and friends. It is how it should be in my opinion. There is nothing better than enjoying time spent with those we love, and when you do have time to come and post then you can be sure we will still be around to read.

  6. You need to show us what little miss ten year old stitched!

  7. Goodness! When your ten year old sister asks for your help, you give it! My mother always used to say, "You were where you needed to be doing what you needed to do". When I start kicking myself down, my older sister reminds me of this. And I'm sixty-six! We will here to enjoy what you post when you "need" to be here.

  8. My sister said "Get back here and give me a hug" on the last day I saw her. I am SO glad I took the time to hug her tight. Since then I never pass up a chance to spend with family. The rest of the world can just wait <3

  9. Anonymous8:17 PM

    Hey Mollie have her sign each one, because one day she will be rich and famous (she's headed that way for sure) and we can say we knew her when...........
    Vicki R


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