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i'm mollie and i make super cute stuff

I always hope that when people see the things I make, they'll think that they are super cute. It's sort of a goal. When I make things with faces, I try to make them kawaii.

So when the website Super Cute Kawaii asked to review my book and then invited me to do a Super Cute Creator interview, I got excited. And I felt validated. That's a pretty great feeling.

Sanrio From My Childhood

To read Marceline's review of Stitch Love: Sweet Creatures Big & Small, head right over here, then check out the super cute interview. You'll find out what got me hooked on kawaii, though this photo is a good indicator!

You guys, I just love making super cute stuff, and I hope that I can continue to do so for a long time! Thanks, to Marceline of Super Cute Kawaii for the encouragement to keep it up!


  1. Hi!
    Actually, yes, anyone I show your blog to automatically says "ooooooooow"!
    And they are soooo right!
    (in fact, I like the things you make better than the two pictures on this article, even though they are cute)

  2. You do make cute stuff. That is a fact.

  3. Yes I love your amazing cute things, I am glad you had a fun interview!

  4. I love your fun things too. I have one of your books.


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