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more raindrop fun (and a free pattern!)

Water Bottle Holder

This has been a month of raindrop projects, but in a few days, it will be over. So I thought I had better squeeze in a few more rainy day ideas.

First, on Pinterest, you can find my board of Lovely Raindrop Crafts. It's still small, but like my other themed boards, will be ever-growing.

Water Bottle Holder

In my Etsy shop, you can find a project pattern to make a Keep Your Cool Water Bottle Holder with a sort of reverse applique. The pattern is $4, but you, my dear blog reader, can have it for FREE with any purchase. Just mention that you would like it when you place your order.

8 a Day

Speaking of water, to go along with a water bottle holder, how about a water checklist? It's not exactly raindrops, but play along. It's still one of the most popular pages here on Wild Olive. I guess we all need a reminder to drink more water (even if it's not 8 a day!).

Despite the fact that I made the checklist, I'm more likely to be successful with a coffee checklist. Maybe I should work on that.

Water Bottle Holder

Have a happy Monday, and enjoy some water! Or raindrops! Or at least use some water to make a cup of coffee. Yeah, I think I'll go do that now...


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