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new pattern // teeny tiny tropics

Teeny Tiny Tropics Embroidery Pattern

The snow is finally almost gone in my yard. We've been able to leave the front door open some days. There's barely any green showing, but compared to a month ago, it feels like we've had a heat wave. Like these March days are a teeny tiny taste of the tropics.

Whether it's freezing or sweltering where you're stitching, my new pattern set is designed to help you feel like you're on vacation!

You can find it now in my shop, but I'd like to tell you a little more about this first. The patterns and colors were designed to complement the Aloha Girl fabric line from Moda. A customer asked if I could design some patterns that could be used in 1-inch hexagons along with these fabrics. What a great request!

The Teeny Tiny Tropics have a Hawaiian vibe to them, but they are generally tropical island in theme. There are some foods, creatures, and a few natural beauties too.

I asked for some help in getting these stitched, and my sample stitchers knocked my socks off! I can't thank them enough. Check out their amazing work:


A quilted sunglasses case? Perfect. Thanks, Kristan!


The words on this aren't part of the pattern set, but they are a brilliant addition from Nichole.


Stitched cards are a quick and easy way to send some embroidery and encouragement! Thank you, Bree!


How about a pastel tropical mug rug? This one from Cassidy just makes me smile.


And another mug rug that is a great example of how these fit within 1-inch hexagons. And Noemi added pompoms to the binding!

Many thanks too all my stitching friends.

Just as a reminder, now through Easter, all of the profits from my pattern sales are going towards building World Vision Caregiver Kits that will serve those suffering from Ebola. You can read more here.

And a quick update on the project! Right now your purchases have raised just about $800. Wow! And those gifts are being doubled by a very generous reader and her family. My goal is $1500, so with the matching gifts, we're there! But what if...what if we made it to $1500, and that amount gets matched? It could happen, and next week I'll have another way to make that happen.

Right now, I'm just so happy to be adding a new pattern to the Wild Olive Teeny Tinies collection!


  1. I just purchased this pattern and the Summer Stitching club. I think they would combine together very nicely.

  2. Sue Hunt2:58 PM

    So. Cute! Thank you for the new pattern - can't wait to stitch it - and thank you for your generosity in sharing for a good cause.

  3. The patterns are so, so cute! I love the way you integrate the smiling face in every pattern. Just bought your bought your book her in Germany and I have to fight with everyone, who looks at it - equal male or female! :D
    Greetings, Rike

  4. My goodness these are beautiful! My favorite is the happy little scallop shell on the mug rug. :3

    Vegetarian Courtesy

  5. Mollie, these patterns make me feel right at home! It's like you came and visited the Solomon Islands to get your creative juices flowing :-) Lovely work, as always...

    1. Oh, thank you! I should have asked you for help in my research, but I'm glad that I still managed to get close!


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