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pattern // wandering camel

Camel Pattern

Any time I make Christmas embroidery patterns, I feel like they really need to be shared early so there's time to stitch them. Today's camel isn't exactly a Christmas pattern, but it sort of is, ya know?

If you're familiar with the Jesse Tree, the fifth day sometimes uses the symbol of a camel to represent Abraham, and so stitching one of these (I'd recommend the smaller camel in the pattern) would be a great activity for today. I'm trying out a felt version too, so hopefully I'll be able to share that next week.

Oh, and if you enlarge the pattern a bit, my wandering camel friend works well with The Stable embroidery pattern in my shop. I keep meaning to add extras to this design, and I suppose this is the start! If you want to make him look a little more fit for a king or wise man, just square off the tuft of fur on his back and stitch it in rich colors and designs as a blanket.


  1. Anonymous12:04 PM

    Thank you very much from this great pattern, Mollie! And you're right, it will look so good with your Nativity scene pattern that I just got! Have a Merry Christmas! Bethanie

  2. love this ! I wish I would know how to do this :(

  3. Cutest Camel ever. Might have to alter it a bit for my Campbell University Camels son!

  4. Thank you for this beauty.


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