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25 crafts of christmas // glue

25 Crafts // Glue

When you're Christmas crafting, or any kind of crafting, really, one thing you should always keep on hand is glue. And although I find Aleene's Tacky Glue to be a good all-purpose crafting adhesive, there are lots of types that are good for specific purposes. You really do want to have some of each!

Craft Glue - As I said, good for all kinds of things. Check out these ornaments I made a few years ago, and come back here tomorrow for another project that puts Tacky Glue to use!

Hot Glue - We all know how fast you can attach things with hot glue...perfect for last minute projects! But did you know you can make things entirely out of hot glue? These rings would be a fun little extra to go with a gift! (And I now know what I'll be using my glow-in-the-dark glue sticks for!)

Fabric Glue - Martha Stewart was the first person I heard about Fabri-Tac from and after I made some of these gloves last year, I was hooked on this glue that remains flexible and washable when it dries. It's a little pricey, but so worth it!

Spray Adhesive - This stuff has a powerful smell (use it outside!), and a powerful grip! Best for paper, I use it to make extra strong cards, which is great for gifting printable recipe cards (hint, hint...)

Glue Stick - This doesn't always feel like serious crafting, but a good old glue stick is good to have around for paper crafting. I'm even amazed at how well a washable glue stick will hold. Maybe you'll make some printable gingerbread houses with yours!

Speaking of adhesives, I also love paper-backed fusible interfacing, which isn't really a glue, but acts like one. And the other day I created a huge sticky mess for myself! Oh well...it turned out in the end.

How about you? Any sticky stories for us?


  1. I love to use Aleene's Tacky Glue but it is not available here in Ecuador. So I ended up using glue sticks, hot glue, rubber cement glue, and any other substitutions I can find. I do not have any really 'sticky stories' that I think of right now, but I do know that I usually get some glue all over my fingers/hands whenever I am doing a project that needs glue.

  2. Very helpful. I often wonder about what's good for what!

  3. Oh, I can't count how many times I have ironed the "wrong" side of fusible interfacing!. Ack!


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