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pattern: on the grill

We have a little joke around here. When we're not sure what to make for dinner, my dad always says "I can grill!" He means it to be helpful, but if we don't have grill-able food around, my mom and find this to be well...not helpful. He maintains that a quick trip to the store will result in an easy meal, complete with grilling. We're still not sold, because we know what happens in the kitchen while he's out grilling.

But we can't deny that he's wanting to serve the family in this way. If you have a dad or a husband or a brother who likes grilling (of if you enjoy flipping burgers, because I know I do!), how about embroidering what's on the grill to show your love?

Download the PDF pattern, then stitch it onto an apron or baseball cap for a quick gift for Father's Day!

Prefer a different view? Check out my Grumpy Grill pattern!


  1. Anonymous9:22 AM

    My dad can grill, but we only do it a few times a year because of the kitchen mess. He does not do burgers however, he does shrimp for my mom (my brother and I are allergic to seafood) ribs for himself, chicken and hotdogs, never burgers for some reason. He also grills corn on the cob. :-)

  2. I'm trying to download the pattern but keep getting an error.

    1. Thank you for letting me know! It should work now.

  3. Thanks dear Mollie! This is perfect for my Grillin Hubby!

  4. This would be so cute on the top of a BBQ apron :) Thanks!


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