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color combo: caramel apple

Caramel Apple

Happy Halloween, friends! At the time that I wrote this, I still hadn't decided what I would dress up as...hopefully now as this is posted, I've figured it out!

Growing up, going to Sunny Acres, the local pumpkin farm, was a Halloween tradition. More often than not, we went right on Halloween, in costume. The main shop (because of course they have many places to sell you things!) is filled with painted gourds, kitschy figures, and plenty of apples. I used to get a little bottle of apple juice that was shaped like an apple, and I loved it! I also loved when I was lucky enough to get a caramel apple.

Today's color palette is an ode to a classic Halloween caramel apple. Hopefully this floss won't leave you feeling too sticky!


  1. Anonymous7:50 AM

    I live on the west coast and I do remember those apple shaped juices. I have not seen them for more than a decade though. They also used to have lemon juice (cooking)in lemon shaped bottles.

  2. Where I work it is complete and utter chaos for Halloween. I didn't have time to really participate this year, so I'm one of the helpers still conducting business, but with my black cat fascinator on! Your post made me smile because I'm brewing caramel apple coffee all day today to give our skit actors and helpers some extra Halloweenie Umph!

  3. i so appreciate your lovely color combo suggestions! sometimes, i can stare and stare at my own vast collection of floss and am totally uninspired. you always pick such lovely colors to pair!

  4. Sweet color combos! Happy Halloween!! xo Heather

  5. Colorful yarn always makes me smile! :-)

  6. Oh man, I haven't been to Sunny Acres in years and years. Have you ever been out to Kuiper's? It's a madhouse leading up to Halloween, but my family usually goes in November after things have cooled down. They have the best doughnuts imaginable.

    1. My sister went to Kuiper's this year with the school she teaches at, and our family went to Siegel's (in Crest Hill) for the first time. It was really great!

  7. I used to get those same apple juices! Here in HoustonIve seen them for sale at HEB.


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