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project: fold over felt hair comb

Fold Over Felt Hair Comb

This week is unofficially accessory week, and many of the projects are things that I've made as a quick addition to an outfit. Sometimes I think that I make simple accessories even more than I actually wear them. It may be silly, but I love the kind of project that only takes a short time to make, uses inexpensive materials that are on hand, and that I can make custom for an outfit! Often, I make them right before I need them!

Recently, I've made more items to wear in my hair, just to have something nice and simple to accompany the bun that I usually am sporting. A hair comb embellished with a piece of felt works well for that something extra!

Fold Over Felt Hair Comb

Here's what you need:
Plastic hair comb (like these)
Felt (I like wool!)
Perle cotton or embroidery floss

Fold Over Felt Hair Comb

Cut a piece of felt to be 1.5 inches tall and as wide as your hair comb.

Thread a needle with perle cotton, then tie a knot. Holding the felt behind the comb, take a stitch through the felt, coming up near the top of the comb.

Fold Over Felt Hair Comb

Fold the felt over the top of the comb, then bring the needle up through the felt in the area at the top edge of the comb. Go back down through both layers of felt, this time through the comb area, so that you are securing the felt to the top edge of the comb.

Repeat this process, stitching across the top of the comb.

Fold Over Felt Hair Comb
Fold Over Felt Hair Comb

When you make it across, tie a knot between the layers of felt to secure it. On the front, you should have straight stitches, and the back will have angled stitches. You could flip this though, to have angled stitches, or even Xs on the front if you want!

Fold Over Felt Hair Comb

I like to slide things like this in my hair as you see above! Actually, I wore this yesterday, and tried something a little fancier. A few hours into my day, my hair started falling out of the braid I did, and I reverted to my typical easy bun with a hair comb for cuteness!


  1. Anonymous7:49 AM

    That is a very cute idea.

  2. very cute...i'll have to try one...i might embellish it a little more, tho'! i have a question...your lists got me thinking about a post you did a while back. it was about a computer program that was free for organization of "to do" type stuff, etc. that your brother, or sister had told you about, and i was trying to find out what it was...i know i'm not being real clear here...i was looking through your archives, but not finding anything. it seems like it may have been close to a year ago...is this ringing a bell at all? maybe i'm remembering a different blog (sorry!
    ) but i'm almost certain it was you. if you know what i'm talking about, could you please leave a comment? this'll teach me to bookmark things right when i see them instead of counting on memory! thanx!

    1. Maybe Google Calendar?

  3. You make simple things awesome :)



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