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a round-up of patterns


I like embroidery. Shocking, right? Well, today I'm happy to present some shops that I've found that offer some really lovely patterns. You may have seen some of these shops before, but my guess is that a few will be as new to you as they were to me.

And the best part? They all have some lovely special offers for you!

House of Whimsy has patterns that are, well, whimsical! They have a touch of humor to them that I really like.

Save 10% with the code WHIMSYSTITCHES


The patterns from TamarNahirYanai are so very sweet. Which makes sense, since the designs are inspired by Tamar's own daughters! You can't help but love them!

Buy 2 patterns and get 1 free when you mention Wild Olive (valid until August 24)


Gina Matarazzo has a bold style with lots of fun icons and words. I'm sure they would be so fun to stitch!

Buy 1 pattern and get 1 lesser priced free when you mention Wild Olive (purchase price of second pattern will be refunded)


Patterns from Studio M.M.E. have a really amazing illustrated look...they'll have you stitching designs you didn't think you could ever stitch! AND, the kits come with iron-on transfers!

Buy 1 pattern or kit and get 1 PDF pattern free when you mention Wild Olive

clementine pattern co.

Clementine Pattern Co. offers embroidery designs based on song and scripture, and the patterns come printed on cotton fabric, ready to stitch. How lovely!

Save 20% until August 31 with the code WILDOLIVE20


If you like literature, you'll love stitching the patterns from Little Dorrit & Co. This mother/daughter team has some of your favorite characters ready to embroidery with a lovely literary style!

Save 20% until August 31 with the code WILDOLIVE20

Thank you so much to all of these fantastic shops! I promise that this wasn't a masterful plan to get coupon codes for myself. But I also promise that I'll be doing a big of shopping!


  1. Wow exciting! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Megan (Studio MME) and I have been friends since the 5th grade in Fargo, ND. My worlds are colliding, Mollie!

  3. Thank you for sharing! Have a nice week-end!

  4. Thanks for introducing these wonderful artists. Can't wait to get my hands on some of those patterns.

  5. Ooo, thank you for sharing! Honestly, I need about a month off where I can do nothing but watch old movies while doing embroidery.

    1. That sounds wonderful! I'd like to join you in that!

    2. I would like to join mySELF in that. Surely there's a way it can be arranged...

  6. Thanks so much for these links, Mollie. Found myself some great patterns! Now I need that month off as well. :)


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