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we're praying

Sundays on Wild Olive are a point of prayer. Please pause, leave a prayer request, and pray with us.

I never got to replying to the requests from this last week, but even when you don't hear directly from me, please know that I've been thinking about and praying for you all! Sometimes my heart just breaks when I hear about the things people are dealing with. It's so good to know that we have a God and Savior who loves us in good times and bad.

Keep your eyes on Jesus, friends!


  1. You are so right-- I have sat at my computer with tears running down my face when I read about the pain and sorrow that others are dealing with... That is one thing about the internet that is so wonderful, I think.. It allows us to connect with so many people from all over the world that, otherwise, we never would... and to ask for and receive prayer support from so many wonderful friends...

    Please pray for my brother-in-law, Jim. He is recovering from radiation treatments and is so very weak.. getting a little better every day, but a long way to go.

    And please pray for my sister-in-law, Hilary. She is only 41 years old, and had to have a double mastectomy, and will be facing four months of chemo and radiation starting this week....

    Thank you for your prayers! God bless!! :-)

  2. Prayers sent up for Jim and Hilary and you, Gwen.

  3. My grandson, Cole, who just turned 19 on May 31, is going on a journey with two of his friends this Tuesday.
    They are driving from New Jersey to Tennessee to partake in a huge rock concert called Bonnaroo 2012 which has been done every year at this time for the past 11 years. I am praying that by now the people who are running this know what to expect and are dealing with all the aspects.
    Some of the star players will be The Beach Boys, Kenny Rogers, Santana, Paul McCartney and tons more.
    He is obviously over the moon excited about this while his mom, my daughter, Jenifer and I are knowing that the moment they leave the driveway we will be fervently praying for their safety and asking God for those "Bumper Angels".
    Please pray for their safety - Thank You!

  4. Gwen - praying for Jim, Hilary and you.

    I survived a bilateral mastectomy in 1999. I pray for Hilary's strength and Faith to get her through.

  5. CarlaT1:39 PM

    Please pray for my wonderful father in law,Dave.He is normally fit and
    healthy and a VERY active Grandad but he is in such pain and barely able to walk.
    Also please could you pray in thanksgiving for my Parish Priest who celebrates the anniversary of his ordination tommorrow.He truly is a holy man and enriches the lives of everyone he meets.
    With prayers and thanks.x

  6. Julie2:25 PM

    Please pray for my dog, Phoebe who has been grieving for my late Father and is suffering from ulcers. :( Trying so hard to get her to eat and get built back up a bit, but doesn't seem to be working. Feeling a bit desperate trying to get her appetite back. Thank you.

  7. Please pray that we will make the right decisions. My Mom was formally diagnosed with dementia back in November. She can still live alone, but we are trying to help her as much as we can. Her siblings are giving us input on what to do and can't agree on anything. Someone will be angry with us no matter what we choose to do for Mom. However, they are not willing to come help her themselves. Also, please pray for our daughter who broke her foot on the 15th. Hoping she won't need surgery.

  8. Anonymous6:10 PM

    Praying for all above. Julie, have you tried pumpkin for your dog? Very good for them. Poor baby girl. God Bless you all.

    Please continue to pray my son finds a job. He has a family to support.

    God Bless you all.


  9. Julie3:01 PM

    Thanks for the prayers for my little Phoebe. She seems to finally be getting her appetite back, slowly but surely. Just hope it continues, we've been on a roller coaster since February. Its been so scary seeing her get so frail and fragile. Haven't tried the pumpkin yet, but she seems to like sweet potato. :) Thank you again for remembering us in your prayers. Continuing to remember others on this list....take care and God Bless.


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