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take your embroidery to new proportions

I have some news to share with you today! It's really, really tiny news...and also really, really big news! How tiny? This tiny:

Tiny Hoop

How big? This big:

Big Hoop

What am I talking about? My new online class! It's coming soon!

The Embroidery Project: Re-Sized is a class that will take your embroidery to new proportions! All of the stitching and projects deal with teeny tiny, or gigantic stitches, and it's gonna be so much fun. Most of what we'll do is tiny, with one week of the big stuff!

Here are the basics you should know:

When: July 9 - August 3 (four weeks)
Where: A private blog
What: 16 projects, 16 sets of tips and techniques, lots of embroidery patterns, plus bonus ideas, giveaways and inspiration!
Cost: $40

This isn't a beginning Embroidery class (you should already know the basics when taking this), but it will be easy enough for even new stitchers to jump in.

Embroidery Close-Up

Each project will feature a technique, and each will have a set of special tips and instructions for that technique. Here's what we're making and what we'll learn:

Stitchy Chatelaine : Basic Tiny Stitching
Floral Coasters : Single-Ply Stitching
On-Target Earrings : Itty Bitty Geometric Stitching
Bitty Banner : Tiny Lettering and Curves
Strip-Tease Trio : Tiny Stitching on Skinny
Pinned Artwork : Tiny Stitching on Paper
Teeny Tags : Tiny Stitching on Felt
Nature Lover Book : Tiny Applique
Lazy Flower Pot : Tiny Lazy Daisies
Filled Up Coin Purse : Tiny Fill Stitching
Charming Bracelet : Itty Bitty Fill Stitching
Illustrated Note Pad Keeper : Filling an Area
Whopping Wall Art : Basic Giant Stitching
Feathery Mobile : Giant Stitching on Felt
Big Bath Mat : Giant Fill Stitching
Dot-to-Dot Bulletin Board : Giant Lines and French Knots

Tiny Lazy Daisy

The supplies needed will be fairly basic. You probably already have most of what you need on hand. A complete supply list will be available to students shortly after they register, but here's a sample:

Quilting Cotton
Embroidery Floss
Embroidery Hoops
Needles of Different Sizes
Plus a few project specific items...


Because Re-Sized happens on a private blog, anyone, anywhere can register. Time zones are not an issue, and the blog will be available for at least a year after the class ends.

In addition to the instructional posts from me, I keep a close watch on all comments and questions so that I can provide the best possible experience for everyone. It's also a really fun way to connect with other people who love embroidery as much as you do!

Projects will be posted 4 days a week, with Wednesdays free for fun extras! Weekends are completely clear so you can catch up on your stitching. The good news about most of these projects being on the tiny side of embroidery is that they won't take ages to complete!

If you have any questions before registration opens, I'm happy to answer in the comments here!

Big Hoop
Big Feather

Registration will be available here on my blog and will open on Monday, June 11 at 6am CST. It will also be available in my Etsy shop later that day.

AND...Everyone who registers by Monday, June 18 will receive ALL of the Teeny Tiny patterns that I offer! That's 6 FREE pattern sets!

What'd I tell ya? Tiny and Big news...all in one!

PS: I feel a little creepy in that last pic. I'm not creepy. Really. I'm just totally into this new class (and showing off a bonus idea from one of the projects...it made my sister jealous!).


  1. What a great idea. Seriously considering this. Oh, and I love your dress.

  2. haha.. love your announcement style! Sounds like a fun fun project to do, best of luck with it all! Speaking of 'luck' and stitches.. please tell me you've heard of my friend Jen's 365 project (she stitches a hoop every day for a YEAR!)?!
    You gotta check it out: http://365luckydays.blogspot.ca/

    And yes, your hair piece is delightful (again!) hehe.

    xo Mel ;o)
    needle and nest design

  3. this sounds totally amazing, cant wait x

  4. Anonymous8:33 AM

    oh woooow, I am so excited about this, I'll definitely be joining in...Thank you :D

  5. WOW I love that big hoop!!! Where did you get it? What an exciting class :)

  6. Oh this looks like fun! How exciting!

  7. Oh wow! This sounds like so much fun!!

  8. you're wonderful. i wish this was a painting project because i don't embroider but it's such a great idea!

  9. Anonymous6:54 PM

    Sweet Mollie, is there a sewing machine involved in any of t he projects? My back cannot handle sitting at a machine!

    1. There are a couple projects that involve a bit more sewing, so some may want to use a sewing machine. But they are still small enough that it can be done by hand.

      The coasters, for example, I pieced together part by hand, and part by machine.

  10. Yay, I'm so excited! I can't wait for another class with you. :)

  11. I wish I could - this overlaps with a quilting class I'm taking and a possible cross country move... I mean I'm really tempted. So tempted I better lock my credit card away until I get ahold of myself!

  12. Excited! I have been looking for a summer project, this will be it!

  13. Anonymous10:55 PM

    Will the directions to each project be downloadable? I just want to make sure if I don't complete the projects, I can have the directions printed for future reference.

    1. I don't know yet if I'll have each part as a download as we go, but definitely at the end there will be a PDF of the whole thing.


I often reply to comments in the comments...check back if you have a question!