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a specially stitched offer


On January 1st, an online workshop called STITCHED started up. So many people signed up and have made amazing things, but just because this started all those months back, doesn't mean that it's done. In fact, there are more teachers now, more workshops, and of course...room for more people to sign up!

I'm one of the instructors, and in my section I show how to make the purse shown above. The videos include some tips and techniques, and even video stitch instructions for a few of my favorites!

Truthfully though, if you are interested in making artful objects and expanding the types of things you're making, I'm not the one you want to watch in these workshops. There are some very talented and creative ladies teaching here, and I do recommend that you check it out.

As a bonus for Wild Olive readers, now through the end of May, if you sign up through this post, you'll receive your choice of 5 embroidery pattern sets from my shop! Use them on the clutch purse from my project, for another in the workshop, or just for your every day stitching pleasure! (You'll receive details on how to get your patterns within a week after sign up.)

Oh, and just in case you missed it, check out this interview I did with Alma, who organized the workshop!

BONUS UPDATE! Since the year of workshops is half way done, registration has been marked down from $89 to $40! If you've been wanting to sign up, this is the perfect opportunity!

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