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twitterday: pause

For six weeks, I've talked about Twitter on Saturdays, and now I'm going to pause this mini-series. Most likely, there will be more Twitterday posts in the future, but for now I'm going to simply tweet.

It's hard to believe that in just about 2 months time, that I have around 350 followers and have tweeted over 700 times, but wow! If you'd like to follow me, I'd love for you to "hear" me say clever things like:

Okay, so maybe they aren't all that clever, but I have found it to be quite fun on my end!


  1. i also have that problem of having trouble throwing out thread. Like pieces that are 1 inch long. sigh.

  2. Okay, thanks to this post, I opened my twitter account again! Let's see how I like it this time.

  3. Cute.

    ♥ sécia

  4. Totally with you on the glitter, it makes everything so festive! And I totally agree with the throwing out threads, I try and justify it by saying "I'll use it for a design with small elements." Yea...maybe.

  5. I agree, twitter is fun :)
    And a good way to engage with friends!
    Have a great weekens!!

  6. awesomesauce.. I don't think we need to explain why this is awesome! haha You can never have enough glitter!


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