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your favorite post in july

a yoyo necklace
July is almost done, and at this time, I've seen a lot of blogs that share their favorite posts from the past month. My favorite post from July is probably my felt yo-yo necklace, closely followed by this one. The first was fun to make and wear, and the second was dear to my heart.

How about you? Do you have a blog? I've love it if you choose a favorite post from July and share the link here!


  1. I do have a blog, but I've been neglecting it lately. I feel like I've lost my purpose. Very few posts for July, but here's my favorite of the few: http://stop-drop-roll-rachel.blogspot.com/2011/07/it-has-everything-you-never-dreamed-of.html

    btw, my favorite of YOUR July posts was probably the floss chain thing--so simple but awesome! :)

  2. My favorite would have to be my flower bead necklaces that I have been working on for awhile to try and perfect.... http://nikkiheberlein.blogspot.com/2011/07/flower-necklaces.html

    I could use your advise also!

  3. That's such a simple necklace, I really like it! I loved the floss chains too.

    On my blog, my babette "ta-da" post was my favorite, I'm so glad to have that big project officially done. http://plus3crochet.blogspot.com/2011/07/babette-done.html

  4. I love your necklace! So sweet!

    My favorite post would have to be the one where I shared what I made for my first Gift Exchange - Breakfast Club cross stitch - so fun!

  5. I loved the floss necklaces, they were very easy to make and look pretty.

    In my blog, my favorite post would have to be this one:

  6. I love the yo-yo necklace! Very pretty! :)

    Well, over at my blog I showed my favorite post as well. Here's the link...

  7. What a fun idea! And, your yoyo necklace is so smart - simple, but smart.

    My fav post would be "Nothing So Simple". It's about some of my first paper pieced blocks and reflections on balancing the need to know ourselves and our limits with the desire to challenge ourselves: http://www.stitchedincolor.com/2011/07/nothing-so-simple.html

  8. I just launched a new blog 'cause my old one was weirdly named. And today was my first real post so I guess it's my fave! You'll like the header I think-it's some felt fruit I made and embroidered myself!


  9. Thank you so much for your kind words!! I will be looking into your suggestion for a much simpler and faster solution! Thank you so much again!

  10. my favourite post this month was about my stitched ode to harry potter.
    em x


  11. You already know how I LOVED your Color Chains. They were truly inspiring. Normally my favorite post is the most recent, I have no idea why. This one I know why, it marks a new beginning for me :D. So here you have the link if you want to take a look: http://crafty-adventures.blogspot.com/2011/07/free-embroidery-pattern.html

  12. Anonymous5:21 PM

    My favourite July post was this little look at what I'm about to open my Folksy shop with...


    I love your little necklace! =) x

  13. My favorite post this month was about the gifts I made for the handmade gift exchange I was a part of this year. It was my most popular blog post this month as well.

  14. Just got your comment on my, Simply a Gnome!, post. What a great idea about traveling gnomes! I'll definetly have to try it! :)

    -HappyHands :)

  15. My blog is more of a personal blog than a "tutorial blog", but my favorite post from the month was our going-away party post:


    I had fun documenting the little details of the party :) Thanks, Mollie, for letting us share!

  16. Every time I see that yo-yo necklace I think "how cute!" It reminds me a tiny bit of tomato necklaces I made for a charity drive back in April, which were yo-yos stuffed with a teeny bit of batting:


    As for my favorite July post, I must say July wasn't very exciting for me, but I was glad to finally make a necklace from a pattern I'd been keeping for 6(!) years:


  17. Nice yellow necklace.

    Cassy from Download Guitar Lessons

  18. Such a cute necklace design. Like others have already mentioned my July favourite on your blog must be the floss chains.

    I haven't blogged much in July, but I have managed to do a few posts and my favourite is not the kitten pics not the felted poppy from yesterday, but a little something I wrote in the beginning of the month when I finally got around to doing an experiment I've been meaning to do for months. Not only did I actually get around to it, but I also like the results of my first test: http://wildrosesandblackberries.blogspot.com/2011/07/my-rivoli-coating-experiment.html

    My other blog is on vacation so to speak and I've only added info on contests and challenges there.

  19. I'm quite proud of my finished travel journal from my recent trip to Alaska:

  20. It is cool not awesome Dear !!!

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  22. I love July!! My favorite month and also my Birthday month :) Taking out my B-day post I think my favorite was Bear mood! :D


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