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monday pretties

I'm beginning to think that I should pre-blog my Monday posts so they are more upbeat than I feel on these tired days.

To brighten things up, how about some pretty embroidered flowers? Did I stitch these? No. They are vintage, and the image is a special freebie from Pugly Pixel. She has recently added special goodies that are only available when you subscribe to her feed. I follow her in Google Reader, and the link to this is at the end of each post. Last week there was some vintage Easter Bunny artwork, and before that, a desktop wallpaper.

If you need some happy things (while feeling special for finding these treats), go add Pugly Pixel to your reading list, and have a happy Monday!


  1. Thanks for the link. Those flowers are great. And remember dear, EVERYONE is tired on Monday!!

  2. So pretty! Thanks for sharing the link :)

    Much love,

  3. Anonymous7:37 PM

    Flowers do brighten ones day! Add to that that these lovely flowers do not die you have a perfect combo:)

    Thanks for sharing!

    Ann Flowers

  4. Anonymous2:03 AM

    thanks for the shout out, mollie. i'm delighted that you're enjoying the reader appreciation freebies! ♥


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