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a beautiful day

the national anthem
It has been over a week, and I still don't feel well. Yet, I managed to drag myself to the opening home game for the local minor league team. It's been a tradition that my brother and I have had for the last six years, so we couldn't miss it. And it was, indeed, a beautiful day for a ball game. The sun was shining and grass was almost entirely green.

It felt like a treat to take photos outside after months of indoor shots. And having a decent zoom made it even better. The trick is to not look like a creep for taking pictures of players that are 10-12 years younger than I am. I just like taking photos! And baseball is fun! This isn't about the tight pants! Seriously!


  1. Anonymous6:29 PM

    i love sunny days :) shame we have no baseball over here! we have rounders though :/ get well soon! x

  2. Rounders? I want to hear about that! My brother has recently become a cricket fan, and sometimes wakes up at strange times to watch matches...

  3. Up here in the NW we're still waiting for those great warm baseball days. Until then, I will allow myself a few glances at those tight pants.


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