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good to great: a new feature

Two new features in one week? And after I wasn't sure that I should have them at all? Crazy. Today I'm introducing an idea that has been growing and expanding and if I'm not careful, it could get huge. It's a personal challenge, and one that I think a lot of you will find helpful too. The idea is simple: Go from good to great.

When something is good, it's easy to leave it that way and accept that it is good. That's enough. And good can mean different things for different people. But even good can be improved upon. Great is possible. (And yes, eventually great may become good, and you can make it better still.) I'm not an expert on making things great, but I do settle for good enough far too often, so that counts for something.

One of my 2011 goals is to organize this blog. I've realized that there needs to be more to making that happen, and visually, I need to keep the place tidy for it to be organized.

Full disclosure: It's very easy for me to see what other blogs are doing and think that I should be like them. But I shouldn't. I should be me, and I'm good with that. But sometimes seeing what others do can get you thinking about your own style, right?

Anyway, as a first step in visually tidying the blog, I moved a few things around. I also removed a few things, which will (hopefully soon!) find their way onto separate pages. I found this video tutorial to be especially helpful when thinking about the layout and open space. It's not quite the great that I'm looking for, but already I'm liking the openness. I feel like it is more me, and definitely easier to take in the content that is here.

How about you? What are you ready to take from good to great?


  1. I usually read your blog in a feed reader, so I can't compare and contrast your old layout and your new one, but I do like the new one. A lot of craft blogs have sponsors and buttons in sidebars on both sides of the post which makes the post looked cramped in. I like how yours are all on one side.

  2. I love your blog and you have such great printables - thanks for sharing! I am making plans to start selling my designs this year and hope that it will go from good to great!


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