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goal: create a signature color palette

Choosing colors for a new project is always so much fun, and I love coming up with new combinations that give things just the right feel. The downside to always having a different set of colors is that I sometimes think it makes things look a little all over the place. To keep things looking a little more cohesive, I want to create a signature color palette.

I don't anticipate that this will be an easy task, because a) there are so many lovely colors out there, and b) I'm not big on keeping things the same. But I do know that there a some colors that I go back to time and time again. These will most likely be the starting point.
These colors are ones that I've chosen for the blog for the year, and some will probably become part of the signature palette.
Here are a few of the parameters that I'm thinking about for the selection process:
-Enough colors to work for many themes. (At least 15)
-Not so many colors that it is overwhelming (No more than 30?)
-Colors should compliment each other well.
-Colors need to be available in DMC floss.
This isn't to say that I would only ever work with these colors, but I like the idea of working within some limits. And I think that when it comes to embroidery, knowing that there are specific floss colors that will work for most of my patterns is really helpful.

Can I achieve this goal? I'll certainly try. Now, do tell...what are your favorite colors or DMC floss shades?


  1. I like this goal, especially with regard to embroidery. Often I go and buy a skein of thread to do a specific project and don't use it for anything else because I just can't find any other use for it. I end up with boxes full of thread that have only been used once :/

  2. I like this post. I love all colors! So it's hard for me to narrow a certain color palette down. Just nailed one for my new blog layout but I do appreciate this post. :)

  3. Anonymous6:17 PM

    You may already know of this
    Kuler is sweet for building custom color themes


  4. Love the goal and all of the colors! Especially the teal!

  5. I love all the shades of navy...and gray! To die for.

  6. Fabulous goal..I know what you mean by creating a style... if certain color palettes were set up - as with designers. You might consider setting up multiple palettes. Like if you want to change the tone, the same group of colors but muted...or brighter, etc...

  7. hello, someone mentioned Kuler, but there is awesome free color picker solution called ColorExplorer. You can even export palettes as png or txt.


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