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january sponsorship available

I added the opportunity for people to sponsor my blog back in May, and I did so only for blogs. The idea being that I want people to connect with other people and their stories, not just their shops. (Mind you, I love shops too...of course!) Stories continue to be important to me, and will play a larger part of this blog in 2011.

Throughout the year, I'll be featuring beloved stories, folk and fairy tales, and even some true stories. They'll find their way into the look of the blog, the freebies, and the projects. And perhaps your story, told through your blog, a guest post or giveaway, should be part of it too.

Starting in January, I'll have three ad sizes available:
$20 per month (1 ad available, no back to back months)
$10 per month or 3 months for $25 (4 ads available)
$6 per month or 3 months for $15 (10 ads available)

This past year, my readership has grown quite a lot. For the year ahead, I'll be making more and more improvements to the look and focus of the blog. The goal is to make this an even better space to spend some time, therefore giving my sponsors more opportunities to have their ads viewed.

In addition to the ads in the sidebar, sponsors are also featured in regular posts during the month. Each sponsor gets a welcome post, as well as a group sponsor post. Sometimes we mix it up a little with questions, guest posts, giveaways or more.

For detailed information on my stats, or to schedule sponsorship for January, send me an email (molliejohanson {at} gmail {dot} com). I look forward to sharing your blog...your story...in 2011!


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