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polaroid week stripes...

(click image for source)

Every year on Flickr (and other places around the internets...) there is a very special thing known as Polaroid (or just 'roid) Week. It is a time to celebrate the loveliness that is photos taken by a nearly forsaken camera and film.

At this point, I have not taken a single shot, nor have I ever during 'roid week. But I can still admire the lovely images that there are to be seen. Especially when they have stripes!

Polaroid Stripes

1. 11.15.08, 2. colourful morning, 3. ., 4. The virtue of the camera, 5. Fruit Stripe, 6. polaroid sx 70 : time table, 7. optimism, 8. Erase the questions, 9. ••• God save the film

Maybe, maybe I just might see if I can dig up a camera and a good pack of film around here...


  1. Oh, lovely!! :) Polaroid stripes are my fave! I'm dying for a few old ones, myself. I want an SX-70 like no other..but til then, I just enjoy the eye candy photos online. :) Great picks!!

  2. I love how you curated this! Yay for Polaroid Week :)


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