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falling behind...

YIP2010 - 325

Is it a bad thing that December isn't even here yet, and I'm already feeling way, way, way behind on Christmas?

-I had some blog posts planned for the weekend and today, but they have not yet come together. I'm three posts behind. (Although, I shouldn't think of it that way, as they will happen...eventually.)

-We are doing a family event at church on Saturday, and there are very few things for it that are complete and ready to go. This feels like we're at LEAST a week behind. (It WILL all work out though...it must!)

-I do not have a single present finished, and not very many started. That's like, at least a dozen gifts behind. (I'm already thinking of what handmade things I can purchase...just in case.)

-My sister and I have not made anything for our Christmas tree, which we are determined will still be made from scratch. What's that? 100 ornaments, plus yards of garland behind? (Thankfully, we haven't gotten our tree yet.)

In the meantime, I think I'll be using the supplies pictured above for a special project on someone else's blog, and perhaps get a start on those aforementioned gifts...


  1. Perhaps to help with your long list of to-do's you would except handmade ornaments from your blog-world friends to help fill out your tree?
    I would be happy to make an ornament for you.
    Just let us know if you have a theme in mind & I'll bet several ornaments could be headed your way very soon. :)

  2. u arent the only one dont worry!! I dislocated my shoulder a few weeks back and could do nothing and i put my back out on friday.. Ive lost about 4 days from not being able to move! I signed on to check my bloglovin and i had 414 posts to read. I almost choked!


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