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sashiko stripes...


I've really been drawn to sashiko lately. This can probably be attributed to my love of the running stitch, Japanese things, and of course, stripes. I have this book of examples (no instruction) of the simple, yet complex embroidery style, but haven't tried any. Yet.

sashiko stripes

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There are all kinds of wonderful images of sashiko online, and these are just the more stripey ones. And there are some really cool patterns available, plus the oh so lovely thread (which looks a bit like crochet thread?).

This is definitely on my list of things to try, and soon. You know, because I need to add to my overflowing baskets and boxes and bags and bins of craft supplies. But it's just so beautiful!


  1. Well, we seem to be on precisely the same wavelength. I aspire to make a collage of individual sashiko designs to hang on my wall in my dining/sewing room. If only the materials would materialize magically!

  2. so cool! i am definitely checking this out. right now!

  3. I love this! Where did you find the book?

  4. Nichole, I think it was from Goodwill. It's really expensive on Amazon, but there are a lot of less expensive books that are similar.


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