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the weekend summary...


I hope you had a wonderful weekend, my friends! Mine sped by, but it included trying out a couple new games, spending some quality time with a 14-month-old sweetie, cleaning and cleaning out toys at church, sitting in the hot sun at a baseball game, wearing new things, singing songs with about 25 preschoolers, eating some amazing grilled corn, and lots more.

The game above is a hedgehog mini-game from Haba, and it is so simple and super fun. Highly recommended.

YIP2010 - 227

And this bag and dress are the new items that I ordered from Overlooked, and I'm so happy that I did, as they seem to be sold out now.

How about you? What fun things were you up to the last few days?


  1. Ooh, I need that game! Very addicted to hedgehogs :) But I can't seem to find anyone who ships to Norway :(

  2. Sounds like your weekend was lovely, Mollie! :) And what a cute lil game! Hubby & I went hammock camping over the weekend on his motorcycle - it was a lot of work (loading, unloading, riding, setting up camp, carrying water on my back...lol) but it was super-sunny out and really fun. :)


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