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so talented...

This is just a quick reminder of how talented my sponsors are. I know you loved Tara's coffee cuff, and then of course, there's Katie and her amazing zine. Today be sure to take a look at...

Sassafras Lass - Mix & Mend

...Michelle's paper collection from Sassafras. This is some seriously lovely paper. Even to a non-scrapbooker like myself.

dressing rooms.

...Kara's always delightful photography. She has just moved to New York for the start of college, and I look forward to all that she creates in the coming months and years.

I don't want to gush too much, but it's difficult not too with all of these fine folks. And guess what? September will bring some new faces and more gushing! (Want to get a bit of attention for your blog and all of the wonderful things you're doing? Send an email to molliejohanson{at}gmail{dot}come, and in the subject line write "sponsorship")

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  1. Dude. :) Thanks for the sweet words, Mollie!! I'm psyched that even a non-scrapbooker likes the paper. That's so lovely...he he. It was such a labour of love. :)


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