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the ninth woodlanders desktop...

Boy, I just finally got August's embroidery pattern done, and now September is here and needs a desktop calendar! The idea of summer already being over doesn't really appeal to me, but, oh how I love autumn! I do look forward to cooler weather and baking and scarves and crunchy leaves!

Just be sure that when you start crunching along the sidewalk that you don't step on Tenacious Oak Leaf! That would make him quite sad. Better to keep him on your computer for safe keeping, and keeping track of September. Download in the right sidebar!


  1. I LOVE your desktops! They're always so cute and extra useful! I've been using them since march and am every so grateful! Thanks so much!

  2. cute and useful! thank you!

  3. Awesome! Will make the most out of this in the five days left of Sept, look forward to Octobers (please please!)


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