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imprisoned stripes...

On Thursdays I wear (and now blog about) stripes.

Today's stripes are rather dark and dreary, but so very cool. I saw this series of paintings/prints that depict being imprisoned in different ways. In several of them, the stripes are the only thing that really scream out prisoner, but when you look closely, or consider the titles, you see it. The one above is called "Spinster" and you can find it here.

The history of the term spinster is an interesting one, and as a single 30-year-old who works with thread a lot, I fear that the term applies to myself far too much! Fortunately, I don't feel too imprisoned by this, and trust that if God has someone in mind for me, we'll find each other.

Back to the artwork. You can find all kinds of melancholy and macabre lovelies at The Little Fox's blog and shop.


  1. Yay, stripey thursdays! :) And what a gorgeous painting/print! Her work is beautiful!! And definitely you will find eachother someday. :) Spinster, shminster!

  2. just found your blog and it's amazing! I love these pictures too....btw any reason for stripes on Thursday? How did the tradition start?


  3. Trees: The story goes that I managed to wear stripes for like, 3 Thursdays in a row (not too surprising, I love stripes). Someone noticed, and it became a thing to do every week. In a little over a year, I think I've only missed a couple times!


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