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stitching stripes...

nothing specific (yet)

Every time that I think that I should add a weekly "feature" to this blog, it goes nowhere. Sometimes I get tired of it, or sometimes I forget. But for over a year, I've been wearing stripes almost every Thursday. This I remember. (And yes, you've heard me say that on Thursday I wear stripes before. Secretly, I hope the idea will catch on...)

So I got to thinking, if I can remember stripes in my wardrobe, maybe I can remember to blog about stripes too. We'll see. No promises.

Anyway, above you see some simply stitched, beautifully stitched, stripes. Without an end plan in mind, Sonia made these with bits of leftover floss. But then she came up with something lovely. See the process and final product at her blog!


And just to prove it, here I am today...in stripes.


  1. I am very much the same - occasionally I think it would be a good idea to have a regular feature on my blog, and rarely make it past 1 post in the 'series'. Its very reassuring to hear I'm not alone!

    I think blogging is an inherently organic process which is why it doesn't respond well to trying to be organised. I bet you don't sit down to blog at a regular time of day either (I've tried that one too).

    I love the stripes idea, and approve highly, but sadly I own (counting...) a grand total of 3 stripy garments, all of which are jumpers. And I certainly am not wearing one today, Thursday or not!

  2. Oh, cute! :) I'm right there with ya today, wearing a stripey grey-and-white tank top. :) Cute! And that's the sweetest project - love it!

  3. oh sweetie, you are very kind, and I wish I could hug you (so consider this a virtual hug) right now. Sometimes, embroidering with no pressure, no idea in mind (or end plan, as you say it), is so liberating. You stitch just for the fun, and therapeutic side of stitching.
    you wear the stripes very beautifully, just like my boys. :) I packed their clothes for our trip today & most of their long sleeves Tshirts were stripey :) So Happy Stripey Thursday to you, my friend !
    and thanks again very much ! oxoxox


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