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give independence...

YIP2010 - 184

This week, I complained.

I complained that our city has such strict rules about fireworks, that it can be difficult to even buy sparklers.

I complained about the fees and lost interest from transferring an IRA.

I complained that the neighborhood kids that are always right there, and that they don't always play nice.

I complained about a client that I'm tired of working with.

What a joke! I live in a city that tries to protect people, I have money saved, there are small children around who (most of the time!) are joyful, I have work, and I live in a country that is more free than most. Why am I complaining?

Give Independence

Whether you live in the United States, or someplace else, in honor of Independence Day, would you consider something? Would you seriously think about donating even a small amount to World Vision's Girls in Crisis fund?

We're talking about females who are in the worst kinds of situations, and we're talking about giving them education, medical care, necessities, independence.

My page is set up for you to easily make a donation, and the money goes directly to World Vision. In honor of the 4th, I've donated today. Would you please think about doing the same? If every person who reads this blog, either here at the blog site, on Google Reader, or by some other means gave just $1, we could raise $1000 in just one day.

What do you think? Can we give Independence?

1 comment:

  1. thats really cool you set up the donation :) Its well worth giving those women independence. Kudos to you dear lady

    Claire xoxo

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