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pages from my sketch book...

It feels a bit like it should be later in the day than it is. You know those days? Anyway, in the midst of a rather slow moving day, I did get a few sketches in.


This is something that I sketched up for you. Well, for all my blog readers, actually. I love when ideas come up and you know that they will happen very soon...

YIP2010 - 177

And this...well, this could take a while. Can you see what it is? Check it out on Flickr to see it larger. This one excites me...and overwhelms me a little too.

These are just a few pages of things that are in my book of things that may come to be. There are so many thoughts and ideas that could be, but only so much time. Hmm...I need to work on that...


  1. too cute! this one is gonna be so sweet! oh, i like how you dyed your floss. think i might try that with a pair of white shorts my daughter stained with koolaid already.

  2. OMG so cute.
    http://roseblack217.blogspot.com/ i'm your follower. I hope you can visit my blog, and tellme what you think.

    i love your blog

  3. oh, a town series! I'm going to pretend its based on my suggestion. :) You're so creative I can't wait to see what you come up with!

  4. Thank you! Jen, this is absolutely inspired by your suggestion. I'm also working on something else based on your village idea...watch for it at the end of class!

  5. I can already see I'm going to LOVE this one! Tiered dishes, fancy cakes--I'm in heaven :)


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