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the embroidery project: beyond fabric and floss...

As promised, here are the details on my summer embroidery class! This is the first class that I've taught, and I'm so very excited. There's a lot to be said, so bear with me. And if I've missed something, please ask! I'll answer all questions in the comments.

A new class starting July 12

The Embroidery Project: Beyond Fabric & Floss is a five-week online class that focuses on using new types of media with your embroidery. Although we'll use fabric and floss in some projects, we will also use vinyl, cardboard, wood, ribbon, twine, and more. If you've been looking for a way to expand your use of embroidery, or simply try some fun new projects, you'll love this class!

During the five weeks, we will stitch on and with a variety of materials, and we'll use embroidery patterns in some non-embroidery ways. There will be 15 technique posts, 15 projects, plus embroidery patterns, guest embroidery patterns, and posts and tips from some of the stitchers we all know and love. Then we'll wrap it all up with a final extra project that will stretch our imaginations and stitching limitations!

Why would you want to stitch on things other than fabric? Well, fabric can only take you so far when it comes to making things. And I don't know about you, but I love embroidery so much that I want to make it a part of as many things that I create. And then there's the fun of stitching with something other than thread. The same old stitches take on a whole new look!

Here's a list of the projects we'll create:
Fabric & Floss Merit Badges
Corrugated Stitch-It Case
Don't Get Ruffled Tank
I Can See Clearly Now Sunglasses Case
Got You Covered Journal
Leave it Outside Wall Hanging
Candlewick Coaster Brooch
Slip it in Your Pocket Chart
Paint by Pattern Artwork
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Stamps
Ribbony Undershirt
Felt-Pieced Plushies
Piece it Together Greeting
Screen Door Pendant
Wooden Photo Album
These projects are easy enough for beginners, and suitable for crafters of all ages. However, the class will not teach basic embroidery skills. You don't need to be an expert embroiderer, but you should already know some basic stitches.

The supplies that are required are primarily basic craft materials. You probably have quite a few of the items on hand, and the rest are low-cost. You'll even find some of the supplies in the recycling bin!

The cost of the class is $35, which works out to just over $2 per project, not even counting the techniques, embroidery patterns, and perhaps a bonus or two.

Class begins Monday, July 12. And because five weeks isn't very long to get all of these projects finished (life is busy...and embroidery takes a bit of time), the class blog will still be available after the class is finished.

One more thing that makes this endeavor even more exciting...

Starter Kit

DMC, and their blog DMC-Threads, is sponsoring the class, and I'm so thankful for their support and supplies! The best part about this is that the first four people to sign up will receive an embroidery starter kit, courtesy of DMC. (Contents vary slightly, but they are equally wonderful!)

Registration will start on Wednesday, June 9 at NOON CST and continue through July 12. You'll find the registration here on the blog, and in my Etsy shop. Once you register and pay, you'll receive an email within 24 hours that contains the private blog link and password. You'll be able to sign in, introduce yourself, see the supply lists, and download some special Embroidery Project: Beyond Fabric & Floss embroidery patterns.

Wow! I'm tired just describing it (or maybe it's the getting ready for it)! Seriously though, it's going to be so much fun, and I hope you join!


  1. Awesome, look forward to signing up!

  2. i can't wait! i hope by july i'll have more time for crafting :)

  3. Anonymous11:18 AM

    Wow. This looks so amazing.

    Too bad I'm all the way in London!

    Looking forward to seeing what people come up with!


  4. What a great idea. I think this the class I need to get started again.


  5. Thanks, all!

    Mama Wolf: Because everything happens online, you could still participate. And the time difference won't be an issue.

  6. This sounds like a fun way to get back into embroidery, my question is, how long will the classes remain available? During the time of the classes I will have my 2 granddaughters with us, 3 and 7, and have lots of activities planned that might not allow for much stitching time.

  7. Connie: The class will remain available for at least 1 year, so you can work at a pace that's good for you.

  8. I guess I know where I will be next Wednesday... good thing my final that day isn't until 1:30. :)

    (now about that money.. gotta go play the 'i'm graduating' card)

  9. oh crud. 12 central time? with daylight savings and whatnot for eastern is that 1 or 2 ET? ackkk.

  10. It would be 1:00 EST.

  11. omg im so excited and it starts two days after my birthday!! So many classes to sign up to!


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