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make do and mend...

YIP2010 - 097

A few months ago, my sister asked me to mend this sweater for her. OK, so maybe it was longer ago than that. Today she told me that she had actually forgotten about it. Oh dear. Anyway, as you can see below, there was a little hole in the sleeve.


So I stitched it closed to prevent it from unraveling or tearing more. Since I knew that it would be covered, I didn't have to worry about making it perfect. My friend Catherine has learned how to darn. I've learned how to get around this sort of technical mending.


From wool felt, I cut out a heart.


Then I just stitched it over the mended hole. Now Anna can wear her heart on her sleeve!


  1. Oh, too cute! :) I love it!!

  2. thats sucha a great idea and cute too :)

  3. Pretty! I'm going to have to search through my clothes for some holes to mend. Or maybe make a few holes!!

  4. What a great solution! Perfect top stitching too!

  5. Hmmm...that's nicer than darning. I can show you how to darn though! It involves an embroidery hoop and you love those...

  6. That's a cute idea :)


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