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the goals are coming along...

At the beginning of the year, I made ten plans for 2010. Since we're nearly finished with the first three months of the year, this is a quarterly update on those goals.

The first was to take a picture a day. And let me tell you...I've done this so far! I'm up to 88 photos, and today I'll take one for day 89. I love looking at the set and seeing what all I've been up to so far this year.

no progress

Here's a good one. Make a jumbo granny square blanket. Err...well, this was going well, but has come to a screeching halt. You see, I was making this with yard from my stash. And, um, well, I ran out of green. What you see here is all that is left. And my blanket is more the size of a jumbo pillow cover. I can't decide if I should switch colors, which would be a bit strange, given the pattern of colors I've used so far, or if I should just stop and make it a pillow cover. Grr.

Perhaps my biggest plan is to write an e-book. Guess what? I've started on it, and I think it will be fun! I also have some companion ideas for the book. But I'll still be a little secretive about this.


What's this? This is part of the plan to design a game! This is going to be different than the kind of game that I originally thought I would do, but I'm way excited about it. With any luck, I'll be sharing it with all of you in the next couple of weeks.

An ongoing plan is to create lots of fun new products, and I think I'm doing pretty good on that one. There are tons of ideas that still need to get going though. I'm also still overhauling the shop. This means taking new photos of things, and refining a bit. Instead of doing it all at once (overwhelming!), I'm doing it in small bites. Oh, and the business plan goal...I may have been a little vague with this one, so the progress is also vague. But one part (start new forms of advertising) has begun.

Goals that aren't started yet: Paint a large painting, conquer sewing machine fear (still haven't touched it again!), and buy a World Vision Sewing Machine (but this will happen soon!).

Wow! It's been a busy year so far! How are you doing on your goals these days? Tearing through things? Good for your! Needing encouragement? Keep going...it's going to be worth it!


  1. That sounds like really good progress, Mollie - and the great thing is, the better you do, the more encouraged you will feel and the better you will do!

  2. Oh my, your goals are so great & lovely, and congrats on making headway with them! :) I just found your blog again and am reminded of how much I love it! :)

    I'm totally behind on my goals for the year, but somehow things keep moving along, anyway without me having to chase after all of them...lol. :) Life is good & full of fun things to do!


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