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ten plans for 2010...

Happy New Year!

I love that a new year starts out like this:

YIP2010 - 001

All blank and clean and ready to begin great things. But as my sister reminded me as we were talking about this last night, each day can be like that. Makes you feel all positive and good about things, doesn't it?

Resolutions don't always work out, but goals and plans do seem to work, so I've listed out ten plans for 2010. There are more, really, but they didn't make the official list. But before I can be ready to tackle this list, I needed a new idea book. The one that I used for a bit of 2008 and all of 2009 is just about full. (Good timing!)

New Idea Book

I use a composition book, and so I added some of my favorite inspiration words to it. Along with some canvas and paint.

a reminder..

I used Tacky Glue to attach the canvas. I'm not entirely sure if it will survive the whole year, but it seems to be holding pretty strong.

a reminder...

Before I closed out the old book (which will still be used, as I refer to and add to sketches that are still in the works), I wrote down these plans:

ten plans for 2010

• Take 365 photos for YIP Knitterly Crafterly. (the shot at the top is my 1st!)

• Create lots of fun new products. (the ideas are already there...now comes the part where they actually happen!)

• Get business plans in order. (not my favorite thing, but there's great potential for making this fun!)

• Make a jumbo granny square blanket. (although this took someone only 2 weeks, I can picture it taking me all year!)

• Write an e-book. (another big project, but one that I'm really excited about!)

• Paint a large painting. (or 2!)

• Overhaul shop: Photos, sections, product lines, etc. (because, I want it to be preeetty!)

• Design a game. (the possibilities!)

• Conquer sewing machine fear. (this one scares my mom!)

• Buy World Vision sewing machine(s). (you'll have the chance to be involved with this one...more details along the way!)

And of course, lots of blogging to go with it all! It shall be a full year, but a good one! What are some of your plans?


  1. Thank you for this post. Now I know what to do with the unused notebook. :)

  2. I want to start a blog this year -- spend more time on arts and crafts and less time cleaning!

  3. Great list! As creative and fun as you seem! Your crafts remind me of the ones I used to do with my grandma growing up. Maybe it's time I enjoy doing them again...

  4. As the maker of the giant-granny-that-took-two-weeks, I feel I must say that it's worsted and made with an I hook AND that I'm an obsessive crafter. That said, I have two kiddos so if I can do it, many others can! And really, it's lovely when it takes longer. It's like a friend with you on the couch!


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