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baby mollie...

moldy me

Happy Sunday! These are some of my baby pictures that my mom found yesterday. I'm truly hoping that they look like this because they were in a mold-prone spot in our house. And not because they were taken so long ago...

(Any advice on cleaning them? I'd like to remove some of the gunk before I resort to Photoshop...)


  1. Oh dear...I'm not sure what you can do to restore - maybe search online or if you know any art conservation folks. But I would suggest doing high quality scans before doing anything as well... just in case. Good luck!

  2. I've used something called PEC-12 Archival Photographic Emulsion Cleaner along with Pec*Pad Non-Abrasive Wipes to clean off pictures as well as negatives, but I've never faced anything quite this bad.

    I bought the stuff online somewhere. OK, I just looked them up on Amazon.



    Good luck, whatever you do.


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