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let's try this...

Two things I love about the internet: The sharing of ideas, and the community that you wouldn't expect to find from viewing a screen.

Today I was thinking about these things, along with an idea I've had.

YIP2010 - 035

Like, a year ago, I had this idea for stitching a little heart using paper instead of fabric. I thought it could be stuffed with something so that it was a little puffy. I figured that it would work, but wasn't sure exactly how I would use it. I keep coming back to this, and have still been unsure.

Today I pulled out some tracing paper (which I'm currently really enjoying), and tried out this stitched paper heart idea. One version has fluffy yarn inside, one has a paper heart inside, and the last has a fabric heart inside. All are stitched with crochet thread.

tracing paper

So, back to those things I love about the internet. I would like to propose a brainstorming session. You and me, all of us...coming up with what we could do with this idea of stitched, puffy (or flat), paper hearts (or other shapes).

Leave a comment with an idea, write about it on your blog and leave a link to your post, link to ideas you've seen, try something and report back. Whatever. Basically, I'm opening a discussion.

This is just an experiment, but I think this could be a fun thing...and if it goes well, we might just make this a regular sort of thing to share with each other!


  1. I'll go first!

    My initial thought for this was that it would be a fun (albeit temporary) pin to wear.

  2. Off the top of my head I'm thinking make a garland to go around the bottom of a cake (maybe not the puffy hearts though). I also like the idea of making a multi-rowed garland to hang in a window since the hearts are kinda see-through.

  3. If they were made really small, you could replace all your real teabag tags with these cute puffy hearts, that would be very sweet and a little surprise.

  4. Gift tag/decoration?

  5. Nicole: they would be great tags! and if you used translucent paper like I did with these, you could put the name inside!

    greetingarts: would you put loose tea inside? or just tuck them away in a box of tea bags with a little note to say I love you?

    Melody: oh. my. around a cake? love that!

  6. i love the tea box idea, there are so many tea lovers out there and to replace the little tags with little hearts would be so sweet.

    I also can see it done as gift wrapping, not just a tag. You could stick a key (cheesey but i can't resist- key to your heart) or a locket or something on the inside and give it to a special someone or one of your kids. I always love good packaging!

    I also see them hanging from a simple branch from outside as a little vday tree- you could even write sweet sentiments on them :)

  7. Anonymous5:54 PM

    Place cards...write names in script on each one...
    I also love the tea bag idea!

  8. I'm a big fan of garland so that was my first thought. And one of these would be very cute hanging from a gift as a little tag. You could also hang them from strings and tie them to a light fixture for a fun dangling effect.

    These are really cute!!!

  9. Garland was my first thought too...
    But then I thought you could put double-sided tape on the back and just "stick them" in various places around town as a sweet surprise to people - like on a wall near where people have to wait (bored), in the train/subway station, where-ever.
    Lame, i know.
    I'll come back if anything real comes to mind.

  10. Yes, garland is a great use for these...I'm always ready for more of it!

    Wendy: are you kidding me? around town and in random spots is fabulous!

  11. Another idea: hang the hearts from a branch, similar to Rachel's Paper Airplanes.

  12. The puffy ones could be used on the front of a greetings card, to make it a bit more dynamic. Or you could put a couple of the flat ones inside a greetings card to give the reciever a little suprise when they open it.

    I really love the idea of using tracing paper to make these though. Great job :)

  13. Anonymous6:24 PM

    I tried these hearts today. Great fun! Filled them with beads, confetti, and yarn. Sewed them with different colors of floss. I am going to hang them up as Valentine's Day decorations. Thanks for the ideas--snowed in today so it was perfect timing.

  14. i love the idea mentioned above @ hanging them from a branch. but it would be cool to embroider a tree or branch on linen & then hang the little hearts from the embroidered branches as a 3-D element.

  15. Oh how cute!!! I would totally use them for scrapbooking! Or cardmaking, to hang from a small bedside lampswitch, stick in floral arrangements, LOTS of things come to mind!

  16. Maybe its only because I'm in NEED of a bookmark, but I would attach one to the end of some pretty ribbon and the heart would hang outside my book. Must...go...make...one... :)

  17. I also would write little notes inside and leave the hearts in places to be "found." :)

  18. I'm going to try these and stuff them with all of those little bits of thread that I have left over from other embroidery projects. All those strings of various colors might be delightful. We'll soon see. Thanks!

  19. you could use them as hair barettes or on a headband.

    I love the gift tag idea and using the bits of string as filling.

    If u were filling one that u could not see through u could use cotton balls as a cheap alternative to filling...




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