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pretty pompoms...


I made pompoms and a garland last night! Very fun and relaxing. And a little messy.

The yarn that I used was Bernat cottontots, which was fluffy and fun, because it there's some variance in the yarn. Like a bouclé, but not so wacky. And I used Bella Dia's tutorial, but wrapped the yarn less so that the pompoms aren't so full...more relaxed. (Relaxed pompoms? Yes.)

The pink is a bouclé that I had in my stash. It came from Target a few years ago. I just made a long crocheted chain stitch. And then I tied the pompoms on...I love simple projects!

pom pom garland success!

My brother thought that it looked like a scarf. Interesting. I don't think that I'll be wearing my garland any time soon, but it could work...


  1. Now if you could work out how to make the pom poms into a heart shape, this would be a PERFECT Valentine's garland. Maybe trim them accordingly with scissors? Just an idea...


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